I am a passionate individual, likely overly passionate to a fault. I love to talk theology and faith. I enjoy film and literature of all kinds. I have a special place for historical fiction/non-fiction and anything to do with time travel. I also enjoy putting my pen to paper when I find opportunity and inspiration.

I am a morning person where coffee and breakfast come with the territory. I love to debate but admittedly I debate far too much. The positive side of this is a curious mind and a love for learning new things. The downside is sometimes being misunderstood. a responsibility that I carry.

I have a secret passion for board games (which probably could benefit from being a bit less secret), maps, and travel magazines, travel blogs and travel books.

I am a school bus driver by day, which is the latest incarnation of my consistent involvement with youth related professions. This helps remind me that I will never be old enough to have to grow up. I am a husband, a father, a brother, a son an uncle and a friend, all of which I feel I fail in on the best of days as an incredibly under-qualified, and vastly unprepared individual. And yet I am eternally and hopelessly optimistic, which carries me forward to keep trying and try again.

I have just entered my forty’s, and with it my anxiety disorder is in tow. This reminds me that I need to make more effort to stay young. Thus I have entered the world of blogging… of all things related to my passions. This is an experiment in the making, for me more than anything else. Hopefully I don’t clog up the blogosphere with incessant ramblings, but if it helps me stay young, and maybe intersects with others along the way (God willing) I will take that chance.

Cheers from somewhere over the forty year hill.